We make it easy to capture Slack thread conversations to new or existing Jira tickets.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Capture any Slack thread to a Jira ticket

  • Save thread conversation to new or existing tickets.

Type "jira capture" at the end of any threaded conversation.  This prompts the bot to respond with the following options:

Note: this command only works in threads associated with channels that the bot is a member of.  

  • Selecting "Create New Issue" will display the "create issue" dialog and allow you to add your threaded comments to a new ticket.

  • Selecting "Add to existing issue" will add your threaded comments to an existing ticket.

  • The conversation is stored in a Jira message that also contains a link back to the original Slack thread conversation

  • Each Slack thread message is tagged with the name of the person that generated the message.  

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