Follow these simple steps to manage HelpDesk+ channel mapping

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Routing overview

  • Using the default channel

  • Channel mapping by service desk

  • Channel mapping by ticket type

  • Channel mapping by label

Routing overview

Channel routing allows support requests to be mapped to multiple channels based on the following criteria:

  • Service Desk or Jira project request is associated with.

  • Ticket type of the request.

  • Label applied to the request.

Note: Match criteria is in order of closest match.  If a request matches both ticket type, and label, then that channel routing is used.

Using the default channel

When you first installed the bot, you selected the default Slack channel for all requests to notify.  You can change this channel from your bot's account settings.

The following drop down is displayed which allows you to change the Slack channel. The list of Slack channels is automatically generated based on available channels in the Slack workspace your bot is installed in.

Channel mapping by service desk

You can setup channel mapping to match only on the service desk the request originates from.  This is useful when your configuration is set to pull request types from multiple Jira Service Desk or Jira projects.

In order to map by service desk, you need to create a new non-default mapping by selecting "Add Configuration".

This allows you to select the service desk or Jira project and the channel it should route to.

Note: Leave type and label empty if you want to route ONLY based on service desk.

Clicking save adds the new mapping to the main settings screen.

Channel mapping by ticket type

Routing by ticket type is similar to routing by channel.  You can pick any ticket type from your chosen service desk.  This causes all tickets of these type(s) for this service desk to route to the chosen channel.

Channel mapping by label

Routing by ticket label allows for more granular mapping of requests.  

  • Tickets created in the service desk that match labels selected are routed to those specified channels.

  • Tickets created in Slack are routed to either the default or a non-label configured channel.  Once a label is applied that matches routing, that ticket and thread are moved to the appropriate channels.

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