Thanks for adding HelpDesk+ to Slack! Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your free 14-day trial and see the value in managing support requests in Slack. 

This document provides a quick overview of the functionality, to learn about everything we offer, please read our additional help docs for a more detailed explanation.  

Here is what we will cover:

  • Connecting your account

  • Creating a support request

  • Commenting via Slack

  • Creating issues via Emoji

  • Configuration

Before we get started...

We are assuming here you already have your bot connected and working - if not, read about initial setup and configuration

Step 1: Connecting your account

Connecting your Slack account to Jira or Jira Service Desk is a crucial step in getting started.  We support customers and agents in Jira Service Desk and users in Jira and the bot will guide you through the process of connecting. 

Getting started is easy: 

  1. Locate the HelpDesk+ app in Slack

  2. Click on the app to visit the homepage

How this works:

  • We use your Slack email address to find matches in Jira

  • Based on your match the bot will auto-connect your account or prompt you to authenticate

  • If no match is found users can create new customer accounts in Jira Service Desk

Step 2: Understanding the app homepage

The home page for HelpDesk+ is the main place your end users interact with the bot.

Here's what you can do:

  • Create a new request

  • Review your Open Requests

Clicking Create a new request takes you to the New Request modal


To create a new request simply search the available request types.  We automatically map all of your existing request types to Slack. 

  • Find the section New Request

  • You can type directly into the "Type to search" drop down menu to find matching requests

  • Choose a request type and complete your request


To create a new request via the browse process use the Browse by Category section.

  • Click the button Browse

  • Browse the request tree (this organization mirrors your service desk)

  • Choose a request type and complete your request

Browse Sections:

Choose request type:

Creating Requests

Select the request via search or browse and then complete the dialog to submit your request. 

Viewing and updating your requests

Open requests matching your account will appear below the search and browse sections.  This area provides key status information and helps you update issues and interact with agents. 

  • Click the request name or the link View Request

  • Insert a comment to update your request, your agents will be notified if you add a comment or update. 

  • Update your request by clicking the View Request button

  • Choose from available actions based on the status of your request

  • When an agent is assigned you will be notified 

  • When your request status is updated your view will be updated to provide the latest information

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