Us this feature to restrict access to specific areas within the Jira Integration+ application. 

To manage permissions login to your account  and navigate to the Permissions page. 

In this area you will find two options:

  1. Account Access - Slack users who can access your global settings, subscription and permissions management area. 
  2. Channel Access - Slack users who can manage channel based configurations for notifications and create issue defaults. 

The two lists are separate and having account admin access does not automatically give you channel configuration access. 

Request Access Process

With account restriction enabled users can request access to your account when they visit the restricted areas.  

Here is how it works:

  1. The user sees as request access screen
  2. User requests access
  3. The user(s) who already have permission get a message in Slack with the name of the user requesting access and a button to allow access
  4. The user who requested access is told in Slack that they have been granted access
  5. The user is now added to the list of allowed users and can access the requested section. 

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