Learn how to get the most out of version 4.1 & 4.2 and how to use the new features to streamline your day. 

Major Features:

  • Slash Commands - use Jira Integration+ anywhere 

  • Thread Mode - bot responses in threads

  • Create Issue - create issue defaults, create from media, and more

  • Assign - choose from a list of assignable users 

  • Transition Notifications - notifications based on specific transitions

  • Issue Collector Mode - create issues from Slack for non-jira users.

Slash Commands

Slash commands allow users to interact with bots anywhere within Slack.  They can be used in direct messages, channels and in messages directly with the app. 

To start using our Slash command type /jira-plus

The following commands are included:

  • /jira-plus ISSUEKEY-123 - get issue information

  • /jira-plus create - create an issue

  • /jira-plus assign - assign an issue

  • /jira-plus comment - add a comment to an issue

  • /jira-plus connect - connect to Jira and manage personal notifications

  • /jira-plus feedback - provide us feedback, right from Slack

Learn more:

  • Slash commands - check out this doc to learn about all of your options. 

Thread Mode

Thread mode for notifications is a great way to keep all the updates your team cares about consolidated in your channels.  Thread mode creates a daily update message and keeps the summary information updated when notifications are triggered.  

Channel Notifications Thread Mode:

Bot Responses Thread Mode: 

In thread mode the bot responds as a thread when issues are mentioned.

How it works: 

  • There are channel based configurations for notifications in threads and global settings for ticket mentions and actions. 

  • Thread mode changes how the bot responds to notifications, actions, searches and more. 

Learn more:

  • Thread Mode - check out this doc to learn how to enable thread mode. 

Create Issue Enhancements

Creating Jira issues from Slack is a big way to save you from switching context. The Jira Integration+ bot provides multiple ways to create Jira issues right from Slack. 

Options for creating issues:

  • The /jira-plus create   slash command

  • The Slack Action to create an issue with existing content

  • Channel defaults 

  • Command line

  • Creating issues for non-jira users

Learn more:

  • Create Issues - learn about all the new ways to create Jira issues from Slack

Assign Issues

Now you can choose from assignable users when creating and assigning issues from Slack.  Just choose "Assign" from the issue dropdown. 

Learn more:

  • Assign Issues - learn about all the new ways to create Jira issues from Slack

Transition Notifications

Get notified when issues transition from a specific state to a specific state.  This feature allows you to get channel based notifications for only specific transitions instead of all transitions. 

Learn more:

Issue Collector Mode

With our "create issue as" feature you can utilize the bot to create issues for non-jira users.   

How it works:

  1. A Jira user configures the channel to create issues on-behalf-of their Jira account

  2. Users utilize the slash command or slack action to create issues in the channel.  These users can only use the default project and issue type. 

  3. The configured Jira user is the "creator" of the issue, a note is added to the description automatically to tell you who the Slack user was that created the issue. 

Learn more:

  • Create Issues - learn about all the new ways to create Jira issues from Slack

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