With Jira Integration+ you can get rid of your Jira emails you don't actually read and get actionable messages in Slack. 

Learn how to use this feature - 1-minute video:

Quick tips:

  • type > jira settings to access your settings
  • Make sure to talk directly to the the bot
  • These settings are for your personal notifications not channel notifications

On the configuration screen determine what you want to subscribe to and the format and frequency you want to receive the updates. 

Global Settings:

Use this section to enable or disable all notifications. 

Assigned Issues:
This section is for notifications for issues that are assigned to you.  Choose the events you want to be notified about. 

Created Issues:
This section is for issues you create for others.

Watched Issues:
This section is for issues you are watching in Jira. 

This section is for issues where your name is mentioned

Choose how often you want to get notifications.  We will auto-batch updates that happen within this period of time.

Ignored Projects:
Use this section to ignore all updates from a specific project or project(s).

Output format:
Pick an output format that works well for you based on how much information you need. 

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