The Slack Action for Jira issue creation allows your team to create issues in Jira with a click.  The behavior of the action depends on your configuration for the channel and the users connection with Jira Integration+.  Learn how it works and what you can do to get the most out of this feature below. 

What we will cover:

  • How it works
  • User authorization
  • Non configured channels
  • Configuring your channels
  • Channels where bot is not present

How it works

The Slack action to create an issue relies on the users authorization and the channel configuration to create the issue.  Users must be authenticated with Jira to create a Jira issue.   Note: We are working on a "create issue as" feature which is being tracked on our roadmap here - view the roadmap

User Authorization

If a user that is not authorized tries to use the action to create an issue they will get a message requiring them to authorize with Jira to complete the process.  This is needed so the issue is correctly attributed to the correct user in Jira when the issue is created.  

If the user is found to be not authorized the bot will message the user asking to create a user based connection to Jira.   This is a simple process for users and is quickly completed allowing the user to create the issue. 

Read more about user authorization

Non Configured Channels

If the channel is not yet configured the bot will ask the user to select the project and issue type they want to create.  The options displayed will mirror the users permissions in Jira based on the user authorization data.  

Once the user selects the project and issue type a dialog appears allowing the user to complete the issue creation process. 

Configuring your channels

If you want your issues always created in a specific project and want to preset values for your users you can use channel configuration to set your values for your users. 

How to:

  1. Type jira configure in your channel to pull up the configuration settings
  1. Use the Create Issue tab to set your default values
  1. Save

Now when users use the action to create an issue in the configured channel the issue will automatically be created with the values you have configured.   No dialog is shown or needed.   In this case the issue can be created in a single click. 

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