Follow these simple steps to manage user permissions and block sensitive Jira projects from showing in Slack.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Understanding default permissions

  • Configuring user authentication and permissions

  • Configuring blocked projects

Learn how to manage permissions and block projects with this short video.

Understanding default permissions

  • Your Jira Integration+ bot utilizes and respects user access permissions set in Jira.

  • By default, the bot has access to tickets and projects based on the permissions of the administrative user that set up the bot.

  • By default, any user has a read-only view of these same projects and tickets.

  • Individual users are prompted to authenticate with Jira if they want to update or view ticket details.

  • Once authenticated, the permissions of the individual user dictate what projects and tickets are available.

Configuring user authentication and permissions

In order to disable read-only access before Jira authentication, check the following control "Require each use to authenticate with Jira prior to getting issue information."

This control is located in the settings section of your account.

First, open your account and click the bot instance you want to configure.

Then, check the box to enable/disable enforcing Jira authentication.

Configuring blocked projects

Jira Integration+ is able to disable specific projects from reporting to Slack.  This configuration ensures the excluded projects will never display in Slack.  

This control is located in the bot configuration section of your account.

Use the drop down control to add Jira projects to block.

Note:  You can add more than one project.

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