Follow these simple steps to understand and manage your Jira mention notifications.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Understanding how Integration+ communicates Jira mention messages
  • Enabling & disabling notifications

Learn how to manage Jira mention settings with this short video.

Understanding how Integration+ communicates Jira mention messages

By default, Jira Integration+ will automatically notify you in Slack when you are directly mentioned in a Jira issue.  

The following is the message the bot delivers.  Use the "..." button on the top right to display relevant message actions.

The control displays the following actions:

  • Assign to myself
  • Transition
  • Watch
  • Comment
  • Log Time

Enabling & disabling notifications

You can manage your individual user preferences in two ways.

  • Click the "Jira Plus settings" link at the bottom of the mention message you received.
  • Or, type  "jira settings" directly in the bot's channel.  This will bring up the following dialog.  Click "Manage Settings" to open your user configuration page.

Once in your user configuration, you can manage mention settings.

  • Use the green checkmark to disable mentions completely.
  • Toggle "@mentioned in description" and "@mentioned in comment" to control individual Jira field notifications.

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