Follow these simple steps to set or update your channel configuration for Jira Plus.

Channel Notifications

Message batching and new output formats help keep your team informed in your public and private channels. 

Learn how to use this feature - 1-minute video:

Quick tips:

  • type > jira configure or click the link in a message footer to access your configuration
  • Make sure the bot is invited to the channel
  • These settings are for channels not personal notifications

Initial Configuration

When you add the bot to a new channel the welcome message provides a button to access the configuration screen. 

  • Click the Configure Channel button to bring up the configuration screen. 

Quick Create Settings

Use the Quick Create section to setup your channel for easy issue creation by providing a default project and issue type. 

  1. Select the Project from the dwopdown provided
  2. Select the Default Type from the second dropdown

Room Notifications

Use the Room Notifications section to turn on notices in Slack when issues are updated in Jira.  This option ensures everyone stays up to speed regardless of where the issue is updated.  

We know this can get a little loud depending on how you set it up - use the filters to ensure you are only notified about what you need. 


  • You can select more than one project, issue types or priorities
  • Switch to JQL mode to get more advanced with your filters. 

Update/Change Channel Configuration

To update the configuration for a channel use the following command to get to the configuration screen  - jira configure

Use the screen the same way as described in initial configuration above to make updates to the room configuration. 

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