Before We Get Started...

We assume you already have your bot connected and is working - if not, read the initial setup and configuration.

Here is what we will cover:

Quick Intro Video

This video shows you exactly what is covered in this article.  

Teams that take the few minutes to watch it, tell us it is very helpful! 

Step 1: Add Jira Integration+ to your Channels

With Jira Integration+ in your channels your team can now

  • Stay in sync with customizable Notifications

  • Reference Jira by mentioning tickets

  • Create Issues, (Slack Actions or Emoji's)

  • Update and manage Jira tickets

  • Set Reports

Adding the bot to a channel is easy: 

  • Go to the channel and type /invite @jira-plus  or just @jira-plus 

  • Great - Now the bot is in the channel.

  • Repeat this process for all channels you want to connect to Jira.

Step 2: Configure your Channel

The bot is now in the channel and you will start getting details of your tickets when discussed by your team members.  

  • Click the Configure button to bring up the configuration screen. 

Configuration Screen

Use this configuration to set notifications and set your create issue defaults.  Each channel can be configured based on your teams preference. 

Learn more:

Step 3: Configuring Personal Notifications

Tired of Jira emails? Are you actually reading the information? With personal notifications will be notified when important updates occur in Jira about and can take action right from Slack. 

Setting your personal notification is easy:

You will need to go to the Bot in the Apps sections of Slack to get to App home.

New users will needs to go to Add apps and add Jira Integration+

Once at the app home go to the very bottom to set your notifications. If this is your first time here, you will be asked to Connect to Jira and then set notifications.

Configuration Screen

Use this configuration to set notifications and set your personal create issue default. Each employee can configure their own preference.

Learn more:

Step 4: Slash Commands

Use slash commands to take actions from anywhere within Slack. It provides a simple way to interact with Jira that is easy for the entire team to understand. 

With Slash commands you can do the following: 

  • /jira-plus create  - create an issue

  • /jira-plus ISSUEKEY-123  (Issuekey = Ticket ID e.g.: MAR-1) - view issue details. 

  • /jira-plus assign  - assign an issue

  • /jira-plus comment  - add a comment

  • /jira-plus help  - view help docs

  • /jira-plus feedback  - provide feedback to our team

Learn more:

  • Slash commands - check out this doc to learn about all of your options. 

Step 5: Additional Information

Check out these docs to learn about all the features of the integration.  Take 5-10 minutes to explore the features and ensure you get a chance to try everything out. 

Take the 14 days to give the features a try, at the end of the trial you will need to decide if you want to stay with us.  Thanks for checking us out regardless!

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