The Jira integration bot from Nextup can be used in direct messages, public and private channels and direct messages.   Follow the steps below to use the bot in your direct message conversations. 

What to know:  Bots in Slack act like users.  You add, invite, remove just like you would for anyone on your Slack team -- This also applies to direct messages.

Starting a new direct message group:

  1.  Start a new direct message by clicking the plus next to direct messages
  2. Create a group of users that includes the jira-plus bot.  
  3. Start your conversation

Adding to bot to an existing group:

  1.  Click the gear in the upper right hand corner of the direct message group and select Invite another member... and add jira-plus to your group

Note:  Adding a new member creates a new conversation.  This is how Slack works for any update to a direct message group.  Bot or not. 

How do I automatically add jira-plus to all direct message groups and channels?

You can't (at this time).   Slack does not provide a way to add a bot universally to your team.  There looks to be some roadmap functionality Slack is working on to address this but it is not currently available. 

Trust us - if we could auto-join all channels and help you out we would.

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