Yes! You're on your way to a more productive Slack team with Jira

Now that you have likely added the bot and completed the Jira Application link process it is time to get the most of the bot and understand what it can do.  

A new member of your Slack team (don't worry it doesn't count for billing) is now available.  

  • Find the @nextup-jira user under Apps and start a chat. 

  • Type a ticket number from jira and see the bot respond with information on that ticket.  You can put the ticket number anywhere you want in the text - ie "Lets give this thing a try and see if it will find BUG-23 and TIC-10"

Second: Try something in the dropdown.

The ability to get ticket information is the beginning of the functionality available with the bot.   Use the dropdowns returned with tickets to take it a step further.  

  • You will be asked to authorize - this allows the bot to connect your Slack account to your JIRA account.   It takes 1-2 seconds to complete. 

Third: Create an issue 

In the same chat type create issue -  the bot will return all projects where you have access to create tickets and the ticket types for each project.   If you like choose one and create a Jira issue directly from Slack. 

Lastly: Invite the bot to channels

A bot acts like a user in Slack.  You can invite the bot with @nextup-jira or /invite nextup-jira to add the bot to public or private channels.   Once invited the bot will notice references to tickets and help everyone stay informed on what is happening in Jira. 

Want to do more?

Check out our usage guides for 100s of more things the bot can do for you. 

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