Follow these simple steps to learn how to schedule messages.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Configuring scheduled reports
  • Managing scheduled reports

Example use cases

  • Daily report of tickets assigned to me
  • Report of overdue tickets for my project
  • Project summary report into scrum channel
  • All tickets assigned to me within last 24 hours
  • All tickets that mention me within last week 

Configuring scheduled reports

We will configure a schedule to direct the bot to send a list of tickets assigned to you. We will setup the bot to send this list daily at a specific time.

  • Click the "Schedule" button to expand scheduling options.

From here you have the options to:

  • Name your report
  • Set as enabled/disabled
  • Set the time of day your report is generated
  • Set which days your report will be generated
  • See what command and channel your report will be generated to

Managing scheduled reports

You can manage your scheduled reports by typing the command "/jira-plus reports" in any channel or directly to the bot.

You can then use the "..." button to manage each report.

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