Follow these simple steps to communicate with your bot in channels.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • What are Slack channels

  • Communicate with your bot in channels

  • Communicate directly with your bot

Learn how to get the bot into your channels in this short video

What are Slack channels

Channels are conversations between Slack users and can be public or private.  You can create channels by inviting other Slack users and bots.

Communicate with your bot in channels

When you add your Jira Integration+ bot to a channel, it listens and responds like any user.

Your bot will respond to any command it is aware of.  It will also look for Jira ticket patterns.  Any time you enter a ticket number alone, or as part of a message, your bot will respond with the following message;

  • You can also enter multiple tickets in the same message

Note: The Jira Integration+ bot recognizes upper and lowercase ticket values.

Communicate directly with your bot

Click the bot name in the left side of your Slack window.  This opens a private chat between you and the bot.

You can communicate with your bot my sending messages to it directly.  This allows you to utilize the full functionality of the bot without creating and managing multi-user channels.

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