Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your bot's connection.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Validating the initial setup

  • Working with firewalls

  • Self-hosted bots

  • Getting support

Validating the initial setup

Ensure you completed all steps in the initial setup process and saved your connection information to Nextup to create the base connectivity.

Important: This is the most common connectivity issue aside from firewalls (see below).

Working with firewalls

If your JIRA instance is behind a firewall you need to whitelist our static IPs.

Add our static IP addresses,, and to your firewall whitelist to allow incoming calls

Self-hosted bots

We offer a self hosted version of the solution deployed via Docker as our Enterprise edition. If you want to learn more reach out at

Getting support

We are available to help troubleshoot any connection issue. Please reach out through any of these channels:

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