Follow these simple steps to learn how to log time to Jira, from Slack.

We will learn how to log time in two different ways:

  • Using the controls embedded in bot messages
  • Chat with the bot directly, or in a channel

Using the control embedded in bot messages

Mentioning a ticket number will prompt the Jira Integration+ bot to display information about that ticket.

Click the "View" button to the right of the message.

This option opens a window in Slack with the following fields:

  • Time
  • Remaining Time
  • Work Date
  • Work Description

Enter information for "Time".  All other fields are optional.  When done, click "Log", or hit enter.  

The following confirmation message will be generated by the bot.

Chat with the bot directly, or in a channel

Note:  You can message the bot directly, or in a channel that includes the bot.

The format of the command is as follows:

  • The "log" command
  • The amount of time you are logging.  Examples: 1h, 30m, 2d
  • The day you worked (optional)
  • The ticket number
  • A work comment (optional)

The bot will then respond with the following output to confirm your time entry was saved.

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