Adding Comments

Keep your tickets up to date with the latest information by using comments via Nextup. The bot knows who you are and will create the comment coming from your JIRA user account so nothing gets mixed up.

You have multiple options for adding comments to tickets.  

  • Use the dropdown associated to each ticket and select Comment
  • Chat with the bot in a channel or private message.

Using the dropdown:

Select comment from the options in the dropdown.

Enter your comment and then click the Add button or hit enter.

Chatting with the bot for comments:

  1. Start with the keyword comment
  2. Add the ticket number after the keyword
  3. Add your comment - this is free text


comment PROJ-XXX Completed my work on this ticket.


If for some reason the comment feature is not working follow these steps to fix your issues.

Issue not found

If the issue is not found check to see if you can access the issue directly in JIRA to ensure the ticket Id is correct. Also ensure that your user account has permission to see the issue.

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