Assigning issues is simple to get started with using Nextup.

Here is how it works:

  1. Start with the keyword assign
  2. Add the ticket number after the keyword - examples include: task, sub task, story, etc
  3. Add the user to assign the ticket to using the @ dialog in slack or their email address in JIRA


assign SM-12 @shonda


If for some reason the assign feature is not working follow these steps to fix your issues.

User not found

Users have the option to authenticate with Nextup (see authorization process) to create a connection between Slack and JIRA at the user level. If this process has been completed by the user the bot knows exactly who @susan in Slack is in JIRA. If the user has not completed this process the bot guesses at the jira email address based on available information.

You have two options:

  • Use the email address of the user instead of the @ dialog in slack
  • Ask the user to complete the auth process

Issue not found

If the issue is not found check to see if you can access the issue directly in JIRA to ensure the ticket id is correct. Also ensure that your user account has permission to see the issue.

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