Capturing issues in JIRA is likely a key part of your process. They keep everything needs to be completed organized and tracked and you may even log your time and pay your employees via time logged to JIRA tickets. Nextup allows you to do this directly from Slack without switching to JIRA and changing context.

You have multiple options for creating issues in Jira from Slack 

  • Use the create issue dialog with create issue <project>
  • Chat with the bot in a channel or private message

Creating issues with the dialog:

Dialogs make it easy to create Jira issues from Slack.  Follow the simple steps below to get started. 

  1. Let the bot know you want to create an issue with create issue +project or create issue - to see all projects you can access.

Example from project Nextup (NEX) create issue NEX

Example of all projects with "create issue -" where "-" specifies that you want a list of projects. 

Use the dropdown to select the type of issue.  These options change based on your Jira configuration. 

Enter your information and then click the Create button or hit enter.

Creating sub-task issues with the dialog:

When creating a sub-task issue change the input to be create issue TIC-001 where TIC-100 is the parent issue.   You will then see a dropdown with sub-task as the issue type. 

Creating issues without the dialog:

Creating issues from Slack is easy to get started with, use the simple process below to start creating issues and read more to find out how to support complex scenarios.

Here is how it works:

  1. Start with the keyword create
  2. Add the issue type after the keyword - examples include: task, sub task, story, etc
  3. Add the project where the issue should be created - use the project JIRA code
  4. Add the issue name / title for the ticket
  5. Add additional fields to complete your ticket
  • description - add a description
  • priority - set the issue priority
  • assignee - who the issue should be assigned to

Required Fields

Your setup in JIRA may have some additional required fields when creating issues. The Nextup JIRA bot will find those fields when it attempts to create the issue and will let you know what fields are missing.

Custom JIRA Fields

JIRA allows you to create custom fields via configuration and you may want to set those fields when you use Nextup to create issues from Slack. The JIRA API (see how it works) has some constraints that require a unique syntax. Use the information below to master custom fields.

  1. The bot will notify you of missing required custom fields
  2. The message looks like customfield_10019: Version is required.
  3. HERE's THE TRICK use +customfield_10019 not +Version when adding your custom field value


create sub-task MKT this is my task +customfield_10019 4.3.2

Custom Field Dropdowns

If your custom field is a dropdown you can tell the bot you want to use the label for the field to set the value by using an = sign.  

Example Dropdown:  

  • Label: Size
  • Options: Small, Meduim, Large 
  • Jira ID customfield_10090


create task MKT this is my task +customfield_10090 =Small


The bot has a built in way to help you in the process of creating issues. This message will cause the bot to provide all the required fields by issue type for a specific project in JIRA (they can be different by project).

Use: create help <project>

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