One of the best ways to use this bot is to find out what is happening in Jira right from Slack.  Teams use this feature to get current information or combine with our scheduling feature to get scheduled updates. 

There are multiple ways to find issues we will cover here:

  • Project
  • Sprint
  • User
  • Advanced (JQL)
  • Scheduling Messages

Project Summaries

The JIRA bot from Nextup allows you get summaries of your projects in JIRA directly in Slack. Use these formats to get the information you need quickly and easily.

  • Summary by Priority
  • User Priority by Project

Summary by Priority

Looking for a summary of your JIRA project within Slack? Nextup has you covered. This command gives you 10 tickets ordered by priority to help you keep tabs on what is going on.

  • In the example below the text project sm alerts the bot to get a summary of the Sales & Marketing project with the project code SM in JIRA.


project (project - key or name)

User Priority by Project

Use this format to get a summary of what a specific user needs to get completed in your JIRA project. This is used to check on specific priorities from project managers, scrum masters, etc. Users also use this to check what they need to do for the projects they are working on.

  • In the example below the text project SM @shonda.smith alerts the bot to get a summary of the Sales & Marketing project with the project code SM in JIRA assigned to the user Shonda Smith.


project (project - key or name) (user)

Sprint based

Some teams work more focused on sprints and the bot supports that way of thinking as well.

By Sprint Name

You can ask the bot to give you sprint based information by providing the sprint name with the prefix sprint

By Project Name

You can also get the info from the current sprint for a specific project with sprint current + project

User Summaries

The Nextup bot provides a number of way to look at issues for yourself or for a specific user. Review the examples below to see how you can get the most out of your work in JIRA by looking up information with Nextup JIRA.

Issues by Priority

Use the format below to get a summary for yourself of a specific user by using the Slack @ dialog to choose a user. This will get the top ten issues assigned to the user spanning all projects.

  • In the example below the text tickets @ron.henderson requests the bot to get a summary of issues assigned to the user Ron Henderson
  • Nextup also knows who you are so you can use my tickets, my issues, etc as well


tickets (user)
issues (user)
my tickets
my priorities
my issues

Advanced searching with JQL

JIRA provides the ability to perform advanced searches for your issues and Nextup allows you to run these advanced searches within Slack. You can write JQL formatted messages directly in Slack or create them in JIRA and copy the syntax into Slack to retrieve your messages and create scheduled responses.

The JIRA query language (JQL) allows for complex searches for issues. This is how you can create queries in JIRA and then utilize them with Nextup.

  1. Login to Jira and go to Search Issues
  2. Create your search via the basic or advanced tabs
  3. Copy the JQL into a slack channel where the bot is present
  4. Type jira search and paste the JQL from step 3


jira search + JQL

Scheduling Messages

Use our scheduling functionality to get a specific set of issues based on a set schedule - just use the dropdown.

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