Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your bot's Jira connection

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Getting connected to Jira

  • Validating the initial setup

  • Common connection errors and solutions

  • Jira connection FAQ

  • Whitelisting our IP / Ports

  • Getting Support

Learn how to troubleshoot with this short video.

Note: If you want some help please contact us or set up a 15-minute live human support call.

Connecting to Jira

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Enter the full web address (URL) of your Jira instance.

NOTE: Your Jira instance must be publicly assessable from the internet in order to connect this application. If not publicly assessable, you would need to allow all traffic from Nextup servers from our IP addresses:,, and

Step 3: Click the "Copy" button to copy text to your computer's clipboard (for the next step). Then, click "Open Link in Jira" to open the application link configuration page in your Jira instance.

NOTE: You need to be a Jira administrator to complete this step.

Step 4: Once Jira opens, paste the web address value from your clipboard into the field as illustrated below, and click "Create new link".

Step 5: Return to the Account Portal tab and click "Next"

Step 6: Then click "Copy" and "Next".

Step 7: Return to Jira and paste the value from your clipboard into the "Application Link" field. Also, make sure you check the value at the BOTTOM of the form labeled "Create incoming link". Then click "Continue".

Step 8: Return to the Nextup account portal and copy/paste the following value into your Jira window. Then click "Continue" in Jira.

Step 9: Once this information is saved in Jira, return to the Nextup account portal and click "Next". Then, "Save Connection".

Step 10: Next, click allow to grant the Nextup bot the associated permissions to your Jira instance.


You are now set to use the premier integration between Slack and Jira!!

Common Connection Errors and Solutions

  • ESOCKETTIMEOUT / Can't Connect to Jira - This error means that the Nextup server cannot connect to your Jira instance.

Common causes of this issue are the following:

  • Jira is not publicly available (Behind a Firewall)

  • DNS for Jira is not published (internal DNS)

If Jira is not publicly available there are available options to complete the setup. 

  1. Add/whitelist our static IP address "" to your firewall to allow incoming calls.

  2. If you do not have the ability to whitelist our IP address Contact us to discuss our Self-hosted options

  • Oauth error oath_problem=consumer_key_unknown - When creating an application link, or using functionality that uses an application link, the applications aren't able to authenticate to each other.
    Read how to solve here

  • Oauth error oath_problem=signiture_invalid - When creating an application link, or using functionality that uses an application link, the applications aren't able to authenticate to each other.
    Read how to solve here

  • Oauth Troubleshooting Guide - OAuth errors that can be diagnosed automatically by application links and the actions you can take to correct those errors.
    Read how to solve here

Self-hosted bots

We offer a self-hosted version of the solution deployed via Docker as our Enterprise edition. If you want to learn more reach out at

Jira Connection FAQ

Why do I need to connect the bot to Jira?

  • Jira Integration+ uses the Jira APIs to get information, create and update tickets when the bot is used. The Jira Application link process is the most secure way to connect Jira to applications.

What kind of security is used?

Is there an alternate connection option aside from application links?

  • Jira provides a few different methods to connect applications but none are as secure as an application link which is the recommended method from Atlassian.

Do I need to be a Jira Admin?

  • You will need admin access to your Jira instance in order to create the application link. Please contact your Jira administrator to get the access you need or have them login to Nextup to complete the setup.

What if I don't have permission, can someone else complete this step?

  • Yes, Jira Integration+ will automatically connect the accounts from anyone on your Slack team into the account you created and upon login the process can be completed.

Getting support

We are available to help troubleshoot any connection issue. Please reach out through any of these channels:

Need additional support? Please pick a time for live support.

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