Note: You must complete all steps in order to make the bot work. No connection to JIRA means the bot can't get ticket information via the JIRA APIs.

Connection Errors & Solutions

The following errors can occur based on your Jira configuration.  If you don't find the erorr you are experiencing please contact us.

ESOCKETTIMEOUT / Can't Connect to Jira - This error means that the Nextup server cannot connect to your JIra instance.  

The most common causes of this issue are the following:

  • Jira is not publically available
  • DNS for Jira is not published (internal DNS)

If Jira is not publically available there are avilable options to complete the setup. 

  1. Add/Whitelist our static IP address to your firewall to allow incoming calls
  2. Contact Us to discuss our Self-hosted Slack Jira Integration

JIRA Connection FAQ

Why is this step required?

  • Nextup uses the JIRA APis to get information, create tickets, etc when the bot is used. The JIRA Application link process is the most secure way to connect JIRA to applications.

What kind of security is used?

Is there another option other than Application Links?

  • JIRA provides a few different methods to connect applications but none of them are as secure as an Application link which is the recommended method from Atlassian.

Do I need extra permissions?

  • JIIRA requires admin access to the JIRA instance in order to create application links. Please contact your JIRA administrator to get the access you need or have them login to Nextup to complete the setup.

What if I don't have permission, can someone else complete this step?

  • Yes, Nextup will automatically connect the accounts from anyone on your Slack team into the account you created and upon login the process can be completed.
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